Bring Your Family into the 21st Century


To help you recapture your memories, Rockwell Art & Framing is now partnered with SwickPix for photo digitizing and organizing because we believe in the value of archiving family memorabilia. 


It’s quite simple!  Just drop off the contents of your memorabilia (photos/slides, film/videos, DVDs and audio reels) to one of our six locations, and we’ll notify SwickPix!  Within 24 hours, SwickPix will contact you to confirm your order and move forward on digitizing your family memories. 



 Need help first?


How Does This Work?


  1. SwickPix will contact you to answer questions, provide an estimate, and take a deposit (balance due upon completion).
  2. SwickPix will supply and bill you for USBs or external hard drives that are appropriate for your order.
  3. When your order is completed, you will be contact by SwickPix to pick up your originals and USB/hard drives at the original drop off location.
  4. SwickPix additionally offers photo organizing coaching, book design, printing of books and photographs, photo restoration, and video strings.