Like furniture, fabrics, floor coverings and wall covering – well-designed framed and displayed art, family images, corporate art are key visual impacts which convey the personality and personalized space of your interior design client. Rockwell Art & Framing has long served the home decor and interior design professional community by integrating home and office art design as a key design element.

We work through and along side you with your client to make the process wonderful and a successful key element of your design result. We also offer private, in-home design services and bring to your client’s home or office the full array of frame and mat selections.

Through our exciting FrameView® system can show exactly what your client’s finished pieces will look like. Switching frame designs and colors swiftly allows for immediate vision of impacts and compatibility with your design and their desires. 

We also offer design events for interior design professionals to enhance knowledge and understanding of fine art, elegant framing and personalized art in every medium and substrate and how these integrate with the decor design for your client. As a long-time contributing industry partner member of the Association of Interior Designers, we are partners for your success.