21st Century Rockwell is an American Story older than the United States. We’ve been here a while. 

Owner Stephen Rockwell Desloge colonial ancestor John Rockwell arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Dorchester) with the Winthrop Fleet of 1630s aboard the ship Hopewell. His son John Rockwell was a settler of Stamford, Connecticut, and extended family settled Norwalk, Ridgefield, Weathersfield, New Haven, and Connecticut environs. Six other ancestors were aboard The Maylfower, another was Governor of Plymouth Colony and another a pantentee of the Royal Charter of Connecticut.

Our heritage also includes America’s cherished icon artist Norman Rockwell. We have art in our blood, so to say. 

We may be 40 years old serving our local community, but Rockwell IS America.

You can Trust Rockwell, because We Truly Care